Scoping Phase

  1. On our first call, we will discuss the need of your garage, horse arena, hay loft, commercial building or any other steel building you can imagine. Because word of mouth, and our reputation is what drives our business, we aim to make you a satisfied customer from the start. 
  2. We will discuss the specific information with regards to size, style, and use of your desired building. We will get specific information with regards to doors, windows, insulation, walk-in doors, and other addons. Our goal will be to gather as much detailed information as possible, so that we can figure out as accurate of an estimate as possible, ensuring there are no unseen charges later. 
  3. Once you choose us for your new build, we will do an onsite meeting with the purpose of reviewing the building location, and finalizing all necessary paperwork for the building. 

Engineering Phase

  1. Once the contract is in place for your steel building, we will submit your specific design requirements to our engineers to generate building plans.
  2. The engineering plans are reviewed with you for any required adjustments or revisions. With your approval, the final plans are generated and submitted to the county. 
  3. Each county varies in the length of their review process to get to final permits. Our permitting team is the best in the state, and their experience in navigating the permit review process with be invaluable to ensuring the process is as painless as possible. 
  4. After permits are approved, we start building!


Site Prep Phase

  1. Before the construction can begin, the building site must be prepared. The location will be graded and leveled. 
  2. Next we will proceed with laying out your steel building, and digging holes. Generally, the width of the holes will be 24” but the depth can vary depending on the engineering requirements (based on wind, snow load, type of soil, etc.). 
  3. The hole inspection is setup with the county. 


Construction Phase

  1. After holes are approved, the footings are set. Concrete is poured in the bottom of the holes to serve as a setting for the poles for the steel building. 
  2. The poles are set ensuring they are level and straight. This is one of the most crucial stages in your pole barn as the rest of the building is based on the posts. 
  3. Framing commences shortly after the poles are set. This is when the building truly begins to take shape.
  4. After framing, metal will be delivered usually within 10 days or so. Once metal is delivered it will be installed along with insulation per the building specifications. 
  5. Concrete is then poured.
  6. Garage doors are installed.


Delivery Phase

  1. Final inspection on your steel building is scheduled. Once final approval is received, the building is ready for you to enjoy!