About Probuilt Metal Buildings

Probuilt Metal Buildings goal is to provide the best materials and the best workmanship at the most affordable price.

A little about myself,  “I learned the art of building pole buildings from my father when I was 19. I was newly married and needed an income that could support a family so I started working with him. My father was a machinist by trade, and he was just building pole barns as a way to make money in between jobs, but I enjoyed building and saw it as something else, so I went straight to the person we sub contracted from and got a building of my own and the rest is history, I’ve been building structures since then almost 37 years ago. I estimate I have built somewhere in the range of 800 buildings.”

At Probuilt Metal Buildings we provide everything to get the job done we create your individual plans, have them engineered, then our permit tech submits them to the county or city you live in, and he follows them providing any necessary required paperwork whether it be just a plot plan or paperwork for sensitive areas such as wetlands and so forth. We do all of the permitting legwork because for the average person its almost impossible to do it by yourself. That’s why we employ a permit tech that specializes in nothing but that, and I’ve been doing this for 37 years and he’s the best I’ve ever seen.

At Probuilt Metal Buildings our main goal is QUALITY, we achieve the highest level of quality because I am an owner/operator which means I am actually in the field building your structure, and nobody cares as much as the owner when it comes to maintaining the highest quality. All of our products are from reputable companies of which I have built strong relationships with in all my years of building.

Probuilt Metal Buildings will keep you updated through every stage of the process in an effort to maintain complete transparency.

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At PBMB we start with working with you to design the building of your needs.


The building designs will then go through a permitting and approval process.

Site Prep

The building site is prepped with grading and holes are dug for the posts.


The framing is put together providing the skeleton of the building.


Metal sheeting is applied over the wood frame.


We provide finishing services from gravel to cement.